Thank You Marylhurst!
Huge shout out to
Marylhurst University  
The Oregon Writing Project
PGE Foundation
The Oregon Arts Commission

We are the bridges; 

we are the poetry.

 “If you really want to make a friend,
 go to someone's house and eat with him...
 the people who give you their food, give you their heart"
~ Cesar Chavez

Turiya Autry with the 2015 Grand Slam Champs

Who We Are

We are students from rural, urban and suburban Oregon coming together to compete and collaborate as SLAM poets. We’re guests and hosts, welcoming and exploring four geographically and culturally distinct schools. We share poetry and a common meal but a whole lot more. We span geographic, racial and socioeconomic boundaries. We build bridges of understanding and compassion for the lives of others. We are committed to building empathy with our words and actions, utilizing the poetic and performance arts as our tools towards creating social justice.

Our Work

We were highlighted by the Oregon Arts Commission:

Participating Middle Schools: Cedar Park,  French Prairie, Lane,  St. Helens and Woodlawn

SlamBoo is indebted to the support of The PGE Foundation, The Oregon Arts Commission, the Oregon Writing Project, and a wealth of faculty, family and friends.

We are currently seeking financial support to continue supporting the expression and collaboration of youth from vastly different communities: email for details



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