SlamBoo Collaboration

March 31, 2014
Here's too everyone who made our St. Helens event a smashing success. We're excited for the April 15 event and our first ever SlamBoo event in Woodburn, Oregon. French Prairie here we come!

Many Thanks

March 17, 2014
A huge shout out to our numerous volunteers who helped make the St. Helens event amazing for all involved. Congrats to Lupe, Scarlet, Alison and Sophie for spilling the cheese and crushing the competition. Who knew that PMSing could be such an important part of a Slam piece.
Get ready for more great Slam auction on April 15. Woodburn, here we come!
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Amazing Start

February 14, 2014
What do Strong Latinas, Adolescent Super Powers, and Misfit Toys all have in common? That's right, SlamBoo 2014 is here. Thanks to all of the Lane Crew for a great start to our season and everyone for bringing their A-game. We've got amazing poets, but more importantly, we've got an amazing group of young people who are showing the world that people from vastly different backgrounds can join forces and build incredible friendships.

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